Hiring: Executive Assistant Utah County


To appoint an executive assistant to help with day to day operations of Bonk Studios, as well as engaging with clients.

Position Description

Bonk Studios seeks an executive assistant to join our team. Before boring you with the job requirements, why Bonk Studios?

  • We are a small team that throws out the politics, and focuses on developing great technology.
  • Each year, you will be flown out for a business vacation, and getting to meet the team. This year, we went to Hilton Head, SC.
  • Bonk Studios always has interesting projects that will keep you excited and looking forward to work.
  • Our company image is not dull. Social media, blog posts, and videos are edgy, and very fun!

Now that you know a little bit about our team and how we operate, what skills are essential to join Bonk Studios?

  • Must be great at writing, as well as researching new topics. At times, we will provide you with topics, wether it be for blog posts, marketing pieces, or video ideas. Other times, we will be giving you the opportunity to dazzle us with your great ideas and help expand our knowledge base.
  • Able to think outside the box. We are looking for people who can be edgy on promoting our company image via social media, viral videos, blog posts, etc.
  • Expert on all social media platforms.
  • Must be a team player, great communicator, and able to work on multiple projects at the same time. You will be responsible for communicating with the clients, as well as the owner of the company.
  • Master of time management. You will be responsible for keeping the team on track with the various projects.
  • Strong desire to always increase your skill set and adapt to new technologies.
  • Knowledge in marketing is highly desireable.

Other skills that are a big plus:

  • Knowledgeable with SCRUM Methodology. If you have never practiced this, we can help you.
  • Skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere are a plus.
  • Knowing how to write screenplays is a plus. This is how we write all of our promotional videos.

Position Details

This can be a very demanding, but rewarding job. Please be prepared to put in the required time to make sure projects move forward in a timely manner, as well as working on some weekends to help film projects.

From time to time, Bonk Studios and the team will be flown out to visit clients to go over projects. The applicant should be available for this.